5 Ways To Celebrate World Kindness Day That Totally ROCK

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: #WorldKindnessDay

We shouldn't be waiting for a special day to roll around to be kind to others, but today IS #WorldKindnessDay, so let's give it a whirl! Here are some great ways to show a random act of kindness that really ROCK:


1. Buy a complete stranger a beer. Maybe you're out watching Monday Night Football somewhere. If you see someone who looks like they could benefit from a random act of kindness, put their next beer on your tab! 


2. Donate some money to Coats For Kids. Operation Warm has JUST begun, and KISW has a goal of putting 7,000 coats on local kids in need. YOU can help. Just $34 puts a warm winter jacket on a local child living in poverty. 


3. Give your pet extra snuggles and additional treats tonight. I mean, you were probably going to do both of those things anyway, but multiply by 2, because today's the day! 

Today is World Kindness Day! Get out there and spread some love and kindness! #bekindtooneanother #worldkindnessday #worldkindness #benice #love #bekind #ellen15 #spreadlove

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4. Tell a local band how much you dig them. They're probably on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any combination of the three. Take a few minutes to send them some love in a direct message, a note on their wall or a photo you've taken from a recent show. 


5. Call someone who you had a great concert experience with, and thank them for it. Relive some memories! Whether it was this past summer at Pain in the Grass or Metallica, or possibly the very first show you ever went to... call the person you were with and tell them how much you appreciated that moment! 


Being kind is easy! Do it today - and every day! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly