Mens Room Black

Now in 6 packs!

November 30, 2018

Mens Room Black is back and now available on tap at your favorite Elysian location, local bars and restaurants, and, new this year, in 6 pack 12 oz bottles at specialty beer stores, and local grocery and convenience stores! Mens Room Black is Mens Room Red dressed up for a buddy’s wedding, with a hangover. It’s big and dark red, bitter and aromatic with lots of Chinook and Cascade hops, including two massive dry-hoppings. In addition to more of all the malts used in the Original Red–pale, C-77 crystal, Munich, Cara-hell and Cara-red, it’s got a good dose of Briess Midnight Wheat, for color and extra yumminess.

Remember, a portion of the proceeds from this super limited-edition Imperial Ale goes to VA Puget Sound Fisher House and Fisher House JBLM