Mens Room Black

available again for 2017

November 21, 2017

Mens Room Black is back for 2017! It's available on tap at your favorite Elysian location, local bars and restaurants, and in 22 oz bombers at  specialty beer stores, and local grocery and convenience stores! Mens Room Black is Mens Room Red dressed up for a buddy’s wedding, with a hangover. It’s big and dark red, bitter and aromatic with lots of Chinook and Cascade hops, including two massive dry-hoppings. In addition to more of all the malts used in the Original Red–pale, C-77 crystal, Munich, Cara-hell and Cara-red, it’s got a good dose of Briess Midnight Wheat, for color and extra yumminess.

Remember, a portion of the proceeds from this super limited-edition Imperial Ale goes to VA Puget Sound Fisher House and Fisher House JBLM