311 on 'Voyager' and Why Not to Storm Area 51

“We can find out the information a smarter way”

July 18, 2019

1.6 million people are ready to break through the gates of Area 51, signing up for the viral event on Facebook titled, “Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us.”

It’s scheduled to go down on September 20th at 3 AM PT, with a loose plan put together to meet up and “move faster than their bullets.” It seems like one of the worst ideas on the internet, and that’s saying a lot.

If you’re not willing to take our word for it, listen to 311.

The band has long been experts in the extraterrestrial, beacons of cosmic unity, and all around good dudes. Fresh off the release of their future-forward 13th studio album, Voyager, we asked them about the event in the exclusive clip above.

“I don’t think it’s a great idea” bassist P-Nut says plainly. “I mean, the idea that they can’t kill us all is really naïve” he laughs, alongside singer Nick Hexum. “They’ve got machines for that” Hexum adds.

“I think they would pull out the heat ray. Have you seen that thing?” continues P-Nut. “They’ll have it over here, and they’ll just swipe it through the crowd, and the crowd will move. Cause it’s like 500 degrees coming right at you.”

“Don’t storm Area 51, we can find out the information a smarter way” concludes P-Nut, minutes after showing us his alien tattoo.

If that’s not expert advice, we’re not sure what is. P-Nut and Hexum know of what they speak, and he has a tattoo. So there.

The idea of exploration and space is something that seeps into Voyager, the latest excellent collection from 311. “We’re into space travel and exploring, we’re searchers” Hexum explains. “But it’s always kind of been about where are we going, not looking back. Even our throwback stuff is looking forward, cause it’s always been about futurism.”

Voyager is now available everywhere.

311 is currently on tour with Dirty Heads and The Interrupters. You can find the full list of shows here.