Australia's Airbourne Rock a Seattle Tavern!

September 19, 2016

Ok we've seen various rock shows at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard but Australia's Airbourne in 2016 there? I had to double check I read that right. You've seen their brand of AC/DC-like hard rock and incredible shows in front of huge crowds at the Uproar Festival, KISW Pain In The Grass etc. but to be able to see them at the Tractor Tavern, that's a show I couldn't miss! 

 If you've seen a Airbourne show you know there's 3 things that usually happen. 1) Singer Joel O'Keeffe likes to climb light trusts with his guitar or whatever he can find at the show and beer will be flying 2) Beer is usually flying 3) LOUD as...

Yes I left my good cameras at home and enjoyed the show front row, snapped some cell phone shots and video. It was one of the best 21 and over party shows I've ever seen! Not only was it awesome but everyone in the place was enjoying themselves, drinking and rocking out with no dick heads in the crowd to ruin it for people. 

So check out my video below of some show highlights and see where he goes higher than the crowd on this night! HA! Boy that was a sticky floor after the show HA HA!!

Remember Airbourne's new album "Breakin' Outta Hell" is out in stores September 23rd!  

The openers The Wild were amazing! One of the best live openers I've seen in a long time! Yes I caught the guitarist "The Kid" when he accidently fell off stage ha! Rumor has it they might be opening the KISW sponsored Buckcherry & Sabastian Bach show at Clearwater Casino October 28th!! Crossing fingers!