The Bash Festival in Tacoma for Craft Beers and lots of Punk Rock was Awesome!

June 11, 2019

The Bash Festival - Music & Craft Beer Festival
Lemay Car Museum - Tacoma, WA 6.9.19
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 All I can say if WOW! What a turnout  for The Bash Festival in Tacoma Sunday afternoon/night! Between 6-7,000 people attended this festival featuring over 100 craft beers for tasting and punk bands Rancid, Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies, L7 and local punks Noi!se. Set up on the the Lemay - America's Car Museum grass lands between the museum and the Tacoma Dome, The Bash Festival was a huge success. For the 21 and over crowd the Festival opened at noon and between that time until 4pm you could use you beer tasting tickets and little "The Bash" sippy glass to go around to the many beer companies set up on the grounds and try their many different beer styles. 
The grounds were divided into 2 by security barriers so the all-ages crowd could come for the show on stage side and the beer peeps on the other which they could enter and leave to the show grounds whenever they wanted. It was ran really well and people really enjoyed it. Lets not forgot the food venues onsite too! 

So when the music stage started at 4pm we had our local Tacoma, WA Street-Punk heroes Noi!se (yes that's spelled right) open the show. 
They were perfect to get the blood moving for what was to follow after them. Punk/Grunge legends L7 rocked the stage next supporting their first album in 20 years "Scatter The Rats" released last month through Joan Jett's record label Blackheart Records. L7 came out swinging and showed the girls can still kick some ass on the stage after 30+ years. 
 Next up was the band of the day for me, Suicidal Tendencies. Headed by the frontman legend Mike Muir, ST came out like a like a canon ball with "You Can't Bring Me Down" and didn't stop for nearly an hour ending with "Pledge Your Allegiance". Crowd obviously went ape s**t when they played the classic "Institutionalized" - yelling "I'm Not Crazy, Institution" when the time came. 
Crowd went bonkers when Muir jumped in for a little crowd surfing and being one with the fans. 
That was a classic moment! After seeing them here at The Bash Festival I can't wait to see them on the Megacruise in October going from L.A. to Mexico for the cruise.

Next up is one of the most successful independent selling punk bands of all time in Pennywise. 
Yip named after the evil clown in Stephen King's "IT" novel. Crowd really responded with crowd surfing right into the security pit. Beer must of kicked in by then cause a couple concert goers were nicely escorted off the premises. Loved when singer Jim Lindberg said "This next song is called Pennywise by the band Pennywise off the album titled Pennywise" HA HA! 

Rancid ended the night with rambunctious set that had the crowd exhausted by the end and ready for home. 
What's up with  Tim Armstrong's beard? Ha! It's outta control, nearly homeless or Kris Kringle looking Ha! 
If ya didn't know Rancid are currently working on a new album for release this or next year.

Overall I was super stoked with the whole Bash festival and hope to see again on the road in 2020!