The Big Game

Joey Deez's Blog

February 1, 2018

It’s time to turn down for Thursday Rock-A-Holics! The weekend is almost here which means the big game is right around the corner! I’ve been getting pumped up all week just thinking about all the awesome food I’m going to get to binge eat. A couple of friends of mine put on a giant potluck every year for the big game and this year is sure to not disappoint. I’m personally excited to see Tom Brady go for a 6th ring but my roommate is big Eagles fan and is hoping that this is finally the year he gets to watch the Lombardi Trophy make it way to Philadelphia. Both teams have a great chance of winning which makes picking a victor difficult….unless you have a completely random yet extremely awesome way of deciding. And guess what! We do. Danny V, Uncle, Ohh Sara and I couldn’t wait till Sunday to find out the winner of Sundays game, so we took matters into our own hands to find the answer. And things may have gotten a big eggy?


Check out our very messy prediction video below:


That’s right baby, Pats win! Or at least that’s how I choose to see it. Sara seemed like she enjoyed cracking those eggs over the guy’s heads way too much. Even the hard boiled ones got smashed which must have hurt. Remind me never to piss Sara off. The only real losers in this video were Chris and Danny who looked like they belonged in a frying pan after we finished filming. Breakfast is served!


No matter what happens on Sunday though, I hope you all get to enjoy a refreshing ice cold beverage and a whole bunch of food. Rock On People!


Who are you rooting for this Sunday? ​