Joey Deez Blog "1 Minute in the World"

April 28, 2017


Today is Friday, and because my mind is already looking forward to the mass amounts of pizza I’m going to be eating, I’ve decided to keep this blog short; about a minute you could say? The world is a big place and although a minute seems like nothing to us, a bunch of crazy stuff happens in this short time! Check out this video to see some crazy stats about all the things that happen in one minute on our amazing planet!



Man that’s a lot of rain. I feel like Seattle gets about 50% of it though haha! This video sure makes you take a second and reflect on how something special happens every minute, even if it’s not for us. I know I’m looking forward to some solid weekend time with beer, pizza, and good friends. Hopefully you’ll get to enjoy some of the sun we are supposed to get today as an awesome way to kick your weekend! Rock on Rock-A-Holics!


Do you have big weekend plans?​