Joey Deez Blog "Coach of the Year"

March 6, 2017


This video definitely made my morning. Growing up, I played a bunch of different sports, soccer, basketball, football, but with all my years of balling I never had a coach like this guy. Check out this new style of “positive reinforcement”.



Denied! Freaking awesome block by that coach. Turns out if you try to score on your own basket, coach is going to make sure you remember it. My favorite part is when he starts screaming “Nooooooo, NOOOO”. This guy’s got more passion than half the coaches in the NBA. I think he needs to start coaching older kids though. When I was that young I loved basketball but about halfway through the game the only thing on my mind was what snack I was going to get to eat afterword. I always hoped for a rice crispy treat. Those were the days…..


Have you ever had a crazy coach? What’s your craziest sports story? ​