Joey Deez Blog "Happy New Year"

January 3, 2017

Welcome back Rock-A-Holics! We’ve made it to 2017 in one piece which means it time to rally past the winter hangover and get those New Year’s resolutions started strong.  Las Vegas definitely put a dent in my party funds so a nice long break will definitely help out the bank account, as well as the liver. Who would have thought that you could actually lose at black jack? Oh well, I’ll just consider the drinks I got to be very “overpriced”.  


2016 wasn’t a great year for many people I know but that’s the beauty of a new year, you get to throw out the old and ring in the new! So for this 2017, I’m starting off strong by giving up food for an entire month, and by food, I mean pizza.


 It’s time to get back on a diet and although year after year it only lasts about a month, I’m hoping this year to make it longer than last. Check back in post football season to see if I’ve stayed on it, I usually break down around the time of The Big Game. In my defense, the best time to break down is at a potluck. Might as well really celebrate the last day of your new year’s resolution with a bang.


 I might not be the best person to take advice from when it comes to sticking to these things. Let’s see what the Rock-A-Holics are doing for this 2017.


What is your New Year’s resolution? Do you have any tips on how to keep them going? ​