Joey Deez Blog "John Wick 2"

March 2, 2017


Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me filled with errands and chores, but amongst the work I was able to squeeze in some quality father-son time with my dad BJ. We had been trying to see John Wick 2 for a couple of weeks but because of scheduling conflicts it looked like it wasn’t going to happen, but luck was on our side yesterday and we finally got to see Keanu Reeves kick some series ass!


I enjoyed the first John Wick and was expecting the same awesome, over the top, action packed scenes in the sequel and I’m here to say John Wick 2 does not disappoint. The movie is fantastic. Regardless of what you think about Keanu Reeves acting depth, he nails the badass, gun wielding rebel without a cause. You can tell he’s passionate about making the fighting scenes as authentic as they can be with all the training he does. Don’t think so? Take a look at the video below.


Check out some of the tactical training Keanu did for this movie:


You can see a lot of the techniques in this video used in the movie. Just goes to show you that hard work can pay off. I’m hoping that we will see a John Wick 3 in the future and seeing as this movie is getting great reviews, we probably will. If you haven’t seen it I definitely recommended checking it out, and keep an eye out for Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), he has some great lines in the movie.


Have you seen John Wick 2? What’s you’re favorite Keanu Reeves movie? ​