Joey Deez blog "Space News"

February 23, 2017


NASA held a huge press conference yesterday to reveal onto us something amazing! For those of you hoping for aliens I’m sorry to disappoint you it’s not that great, but it’s close. Astronomers have found 3 potential planets that could have liquid water some 40 light years away from Earth. Holy Moly could you imagine if we had two other earths right next to us? Well that’s the potential for this faraway place but if I had to guess it’s going to be a while before we get to find out.


Check out a video with more information about this recent discovery:


The people in this video explained things way better than I ever could plus they looked stoked. I think if I had the opportunity to go into space I would have to take it. Whether it be a Space station, the Moon, or maybe even Mars, I’d take that leap just for a chance to see the Earth in all its glory. I guess I’ll have to settle for some awesome HD pictures instead.


Did you catch the big news yesterday? Would you travel into space if you could? ​