Joey Deez Blog "Spider Coffee"

June 28, 2017



What’s up Rock-a-Holics! Welcome to Wednesday. The middle of the week has most of us dragging which means it’s probably an extra cup of coffee kind of day. I know my morning cup of coffee is a must but when I’m feeling extra sleeping I pop across the street to Starbucks to grab a double shot over ice. I’ll admit though, I’ve never seen anything as bizarre as what happened in today’s video. I’ve heard some interesting names called out at Starbucks before, but if I heard this one, it would definitely get my attention. Make sure you watch to the end to see a special cameo from someone I’m sure you’ll recognize.


Check out this video of a “not so average” trip to the coffee shop:


One thing is for sure, always expected the unexpected. I bet Spiderman has to drink a bunch of coffee with all those weird hours he works. The people’s reactions make this video though. The amount of freaked out people is amazing, I can’t believe he didn’t get knocked out. I don’t think I would freak out but I would definitely try and get a picture. Who knows maybe I could get a tryout to be a side kick; Joey Deez Webs…name needs work.


Are you excited for the new Spider Man? What would you’re side-kick name be? ​