Joey Deez Blog "What happens in Vegas"

February 15, 2017


For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge fan of Las Vegas. So much so that I plan a trip with some friends every year that has practically become tradition. Needless to say, I’ve seen almost everything Vegas has to offer; or at least I thought. Taco Bell recently opened up a multi-level store on the strip with a DJ and Freeze bar. While this may not seem too over the top for Vegas, the promotion that they’re about to run may better catch your attention. Check out the video below:



Ok this is just crazy right? I mean I like Taco Bell and all but could you imagine getting married in one? I’ll admit, I’d probably drink a bunch of Baja Blast out of a champagne glass, especially if it’s all you can drink, but I feel like there’s way too much room for disaster. Plus after eating all that Taco Bell, I think “what happened in Vegas” would follow you back home. That being said, my new goal is to attend a wedding at Taco Bell. I won’t be getting married anytime soon but if there’s another couple willing to a leap of faith on a Taco Bell wedding, I’m totally down to go. I promise can keep a secret; as long as I’m supplied plenty of Chicken Tacos and hot sauce.


Do you have a story that you wish would have “stayed in Vegas”? What’s the crazy wedding you’ve ever seen? ​