Joey "Deez" Blog "World Series"

November 1, 2016

Tonight is a big night for the Chicago Cubs as they are playing in what could be the last game of this year’s baseball season, Game 6 of the World Series. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to watch a couple of these games because they’ve been great, but in case you haven’t, definitely check out the game today. That being said, if everything goes according to my coworker Jason’s prediction, we’ll be seeing a game 7. Personally I don’t have any connection to either team, but I always love watching more sports, so I’m rooting for the Cubs tonight. But if baseball’s not your thing, there’s another World Series going on right now that you may not be aware of.


What is this mysterious World Series that im talking about? The World Series of Poker of course. ESPN is covering the final table live and its now down to just 3 players battling for a top prize of 8 million dollars. Man that is a crazy amount of money. Years ago when I used to be an avid gambler, I would watch hours upon hours of coverage during the WSOP, and Texas Holdem was my bread and butter so this tournament quickly became favorite. The game is incredibly skill testing but its real attention grabber is the fact that at any given time, any player can win, due to the random luck factor that comes with the any poker game. It’s a bit slow to watch, but I have to give credit to the casters who call the hands; they do a great job of explaining the basics along with in depth coverage of what the players are thinking. So if you want to see someone win 8 million dollars live, check it out!