The Prodigy’s Blog “Cheapskate”

June 9, 2016

Hey gang, Uncle Chris here!  Marshawn Lynch says that he drives an '86 Honda Civic and his friends call him "cheap".


There's this thing I do to fool myself into thinking that I'm saving money, I usually have only ice water when I eat out at a restaurant.  I once saw the bill for a meal during which I'd had three glasses of one of the place's special menu items and they'd charged me something like $7 a glass for these things (non-alcoholic) and I just about snapped!

So, now I only order ice water to drink with restaurant meals.  Sometimes I get the sense that the waitperson is judging me, thinking that I'm cheap for not ordering one of their pricier items, but then I spend $50-$60 on myself and tip over 20% for the service, so I'm not really "saving" money so much as reallocating it from drinks to food.


I never cheap-out on good food.


How about you?  Is there something you do that makes people think you're cheap?