Tomb Raider Official Trailer

Joey Deez Blog

September 20, 2017


Welcome to Hump Day Rock-A-Holics! It looks like the rain has finally returned and with it marks the end of our amazing 70+ degree weather. That’s why the timing of this new Tomb Raider trailer couldn’t be better because what better way is there to spend a rainy day other than watching a movie. For those of you who don’t remember the original Tomb Raider series, they featured Angelina Jolie kicking ass and finding treasure; very similar to an Indian Jones movie. This new movie however has a new star, Alicia Vikander, who you make recognize from a movie I liked quite a bit, “Ex Machina”. She played the lifelike android that tried to prove to her creator that she was just as human as anyone else. Her casting in this movie seems to fit perfectly, but don’t take my word for it; Check out the video below!



Looks like I’ve got another movie to add to my list. I’m a sucker for action movies, especially if they have a bit of fantasy added to them. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a huge fan of the National Treasure movies which is why I’m addicted to these mystery thrillers. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I want more Indian Jones movies, mostly because of how bad the last one was, but I’d be open to a similar franchise like this doing more movies. Honestly I’m surprised they haven’t tried casting Chris Pratt in a roll like this after all the success with Guardians of the Galaxy. I’d definitely watch that movie. Hopefully we get to see the sunshine at least one more time this weekend but at the very least if it ends up cloudy, there’s always a great movie to watch!


Are you excited for another Tomb Raider? What’s the next movie you’re pumped to see? ​