BJ'S BLOG 01/06/16 "Ruined New Year's Eve”"

January 6, 2016

We have an early front-runner for the Worst Person of 2016, folks:
A woman complained on Facebook that a woman’s near-fatal heart attack ruined her New Year’s Eve festivities at an Indianapolis restaurant.
A woman named Holly was furious about her New Year’s Eve experience at Kilroy’s restaurant, resulting in an angry post on the restaurant’s Facebook page at nearly 2 AM, following the incident. In a long, angry rant, Holly said her night was “ruined by watching a dead person wheeled out from an overdose.”
There was no overdose, and thankfully, no death: a 70-year-old woman suffered a heart attack! The poor woman was on the floor, and had to suffer the extra humiliation of having her blouse opened up by paramedics; she was later revived at a nearby hospital.
Of course, the real victim was obviously Holly, who had to wait a while to settle up her 700-dollar check from the night’s revelry.
Holly works at a hair salon, and she was fired because of all this ugliness. She has locked up her Facebook page, and later claimed that she was hacked. The manager of Kilroy’s responded to Holly’s post, making it clear that they were happy to lose her business, and calling her “cold-hearted and nasty.”
I love the restaurant owner’s attitude, and I’m especially happy to see a rotten jerk like Holly taken to task for being a terrible human. I think I need to visit Indianapolis some time, because there’s a restaurant there that I’m DYING to try…