BJ'S BLOG 01/07/16 "Public Service Announcement"

January 7, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, Rock-A-Holics of all ages!
(Well, all LEGAL ages, anyway…)
Let’s take a moment for a special message:
We live in an age of advanced promiscuity, where eager little beavers can have their carnal needs met with a simple swipe on a phone app! In case you need a reminder, here is my message to you:
You know what I’m talking about here, guys: if you’re climbing into the saddle, make sure your little cowboy has his hat on, even if your “pardner” says not to worry about it. You SHOULD be worried about it!
Sex is fun. Sex also carries a risk of disease…and a risk of something that some of you may also find terrifying: BABIES.
(Just out of curiosity: do I sound like a father whose daughter may have mentioned – on the radio, no less – that her “wrapped rascal” track record isn’t 100%? I’d sure feel sorry for THAT stressed-out father)
CONDOMS: WEAR ‘EM! This has been a public service announcement from Dr. Shea, who is starting to wonder if he needs some more therapy.