BJ'S BLOG 01/08/16 "Stolen Credit Card"

January 8, 2016

We live in an age where identity theft and stolen credit cards pose a massive risk to our personal security – especially with big store chains having more instances of customer information being leaked out into the public eye. Banks are rolling out a new electronic chip system for credit and debit cards, but the threat of identity theft still looms large for many people.
A woman in L.A. recently made the news, after her credit card number was stolen by a barista following a Starbucks transaction. This woman could have been another helpless victim of identity theft, but she wasn’t going down without a fight: she followed the thief’s trail, then went back to Starbucks and confronted her, telling her that she caught her on video at Ralph’s, a grocery store chain.
The woman confronted the 19-year-old barista at the drive-thru, and browbeat her into a confession. The young thief just fell apart under questioning, and the woman got the whole thing on video, which she promptly shared with the authorities.

Check out the video: 
Let’s hear it for an everyday person getting some justice for themselves…and all without violence or other stupidity! You see? It can be done, folks…