BJ'S BLOG 01/13/16 "Don't Be Friends With Your Ex”"

January 13, 2016

People do it, and I’m against it…and a new study says I’m right:

You should avoid being friends with your ex!

More than 60% of people who participated in this study say you should cut off communication with your ex. YES! LOVE IT!

More than 50% of all people stay friends with their ex. I submit that more than half of people are also wasting time and effort on a dead-end pursuit. 

40% have gotten back together with their former partner. Hey, that’s great. I’m sure it always worked out. (Please note the sarcastic tone in my voice. It’s there.)

30% have had sex with an ex…and who doesn’t love getting intimate with someone who isn’t interested in you for anything else? 

13% of people stayed together for financial reasons after the breakup. To me, that’s just as bad as keeping a corpse in the spare room. 

Of course, I’m not talking about the cordial middle ground that people keep for the sake of the children they have together. I view that as more of a necessary function of keeping the greater good, more often than not. 

I think people pursue friendships with their former lovers because they were dumped – to some degree or another – and they hope they’ll get another shot at the relationship down the road. There’s also that pesky human dynamic that leads us to believe someone NEEDS us, even if that someone is telling you that they DON’T need you.

What do you think, Rock-A-Holics?