BJ'S BLOG 01/22/15 "Complaints About Your S/O"

January 22, 2016

I always thought REDBOOK was a women’s homemaking magazine, but apparently, their coverage also extends to lists of complaints that women have about their husbands!

Here are some choice selections from their list…

“He never helps out around the house!” – a 2013 study says women spend around 13 hours working around the house, with men coming at 10 hours. Personally, I think the breadwinner (whoever that is) should get the lighter chore duty. If the wife AND husband work full-time, then whoever TRULY works less should take the lead.

“He plays too many video games, fantasy football, etc.” – I think we know some guys who are definitely guilty of this…Mono Nick, cough-cough.  Don’t let your hobbies take over your entire existence, fellas. 

I’ve been 2-for-2 on this list, at least at an earlier time in my life. Maybe that’s a good stopping point for my part of the conversation. 

You can read the rest here, but we’d love to hear YOUR significant other issues! Ladies! Guys! Sound off!