BJ'S BLOG 01/28/16 "Cam Newton Ban"

January 28, 2016

Here’s one from the dark corners of the 12th Man files:
An irritated Seattle fan has started a Change.Org petition to ban Cam Newton from playing in our own CenturyLink Field. Andrew Tilton started the petition after Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton threw a 12th Man flag – handed to him by a fan in the stands - to the ground, during his victory lap after Seattle’s defeat.
People are calling Newton “classless” after the incident, but this petition goes a step further…and it’s making Seattle fans look like reactionary nitwits. This guy doesn’t speak for us, okay?
Speaking of…uh…speaking, Andrew Tilton called into our morning show, and we discussed his petition. Migs started things off on a friendly note, asking Andrew how he felt about embarrassing the entire Seahawks fan community, not to mention the city of Seattle.
Andrew says it started as a joke, but he seems to have embraced the attention that his campaign has gained. I just can’t get behind his thinking, but pointing out the idiocy of his plan was completely fruitless. I can argue with the best of them, but Andrew Tilton proved himself to be an UBER-TROLL.
You can’t even bother with people like that, because they’ll never admit that they’re wrong, especially if they’re continuing to get the attention that they so desperately crave. In fact, I now firmly believe that Andrew Tilton isn’t even a Seahawks fan! This whole thing is a big screw-around, just to ride the publicity wave and give real fans a hard time while their team is recovering from a big loss.
Of course, we’re always happy to hear your opinions, even if you don’t agree. What do you think about the campaign to ban Cam Newton from our football field, gang?