BJ'S BLOG 02/03/16 "Pulling Over A Cop"

February 3, 2016

Here’s something for the Rock-A-Holics with an interest in law enforcement…
I’m sure a lot of people find it annoying when they’re pulled over for speeding, and later see a police officer cruising down the highway at 90 MPH, with no emergency in sight. 
Well, a Miami woman recently pulled over a speeding police officer for speeding. She gave him a lecture, and recorded the whole thing on her phone. To his credit, the cop took it in stride, probably because he knew she was right. He didn’t exactly admit it, but he did apologize, and even offered his name and badge number. The woman refused that information, but she did give him a long speech that would be played off the stage at the Oscars for length.
I admire the accountability on display here, and kudos to the woman for tackling this without devolving into complete stupidity.  Granted, she was probably pushing a little too hard for attention, but at least she didn’t flip out. We’re still struggling with the citizen-police dynamic in this country, but interactions like this give me a tiny bit of hope.
Your thoughts are welcome, as always…