BJ'S BLOG 02/10/16 "The Case of Harley Quinn Smith"

February 10, 2016

Hey, gang! You may have heard this bizarre news about our good friend Kevin Smith’s daughter recently:
The director’s daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, was almost kidnapped in L.A. on Saturday, while she was waiting for an Uber outside of a Starbucks. A car pulled up, and it had an Uber sign in the window…but Harley had a feeling that the two men inside weren’t actually Uber drivers, and she was right. They refused to answer any questions, tried to get her into the car, and wouldn’t offer any identification. Harley refused the ride, and they sped away.
Harley was obviously shaken up, so Kevin got her a cake with “SORRY MEN SUCK” written on it. The message was well received, and Harley was cheered up by the gesture.
First off, the men who made this attempt are monsters, and we don’t need them walking around on our planet. I have zero tolerance for this garbage, and I’m in favor of the harshest punishment possible for the people who commit such scarring crimes.
On the other hand, SORRY MEN SUCK is a message that I personally feel is a little too all-inclusive. I’m a father, and I get the concept of the apology, but there’s no need to lump us all in together. Not all men are bad! Some of us are even close to great!
(No, I don’t mean myself, but if you want to say it, I won’t stop you.)