BJ'S BLOG 02/17/16 "Ferris Wheel Cheater"

February 17, 2016

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but romance is still in the air…literally.
A couple was recently busted for having sex in the world’s largest Ferris wheel, which is (naturally) in Las Vegas. The story came out, people laughed, and that seemed to be the end of the ride...until we found out a little bit more about the situation.
The male half of the sky-high couple was supposed to get married - to a different woman – on the same day of the incident! Believe it or not, he isn’t the bad guy in this story, because just before the wedding, his wife-to-be confessed that she was pregnant with another man’s baby!
This guy doesn’t waste any time consoling himself: He downs a bunch of margaritas, meets a woman named Chloe who’s celebrating her 21st birthday, and shortly thereafter…they’re joining the Ferris Wheel Club! (I’m not sure if this is an actual organization, but let’s just go with it.)
Apparently, the cheating bride-to-be bailed her jilted groom out of jail after the incident, and they’re somehow back together. So, this story doesn’t have a HAPPY ending…just a STUPID one.