BJ'S BLOG 02/18/16 "Student Loans"

February 18, 2016

Student loans are insane!
The college system is crazy in general, if you ask me. The whole system works on forcing young people to choose their life path in a hurry, and then moving them into a cycle of pressure and crushing debt. You get an education to get a better job, and your earnings go back to paying off the education! Either you pay the loans off as a priority – if you can – or you carry that debt through your life.
If you DO have outstanding student loans, you’d be surprised at how much trouble they can lead to.
7 US Marshals in combat gear busted a 48-year-old man for his outstanding student loan…a whopping $1500, dating back to 1987. The man says he never got a warning, or received a notice; he was tossed to the ground, thrown in a cell, lectured by the judge, and is now being forced to pay not only the student loan balance, but also the cost of his arrest!
What a racket this is, folks.
I should add that the Marshals say that they only sent two agents to get him, but had to bring in reinforcements when the man resisted arrest, and retreated into his apartment. I’m not sure where the truth lies here, as we have two wildly different accounts.
Still, I can’t help feeling like this is overkill. Plus, are we really letting private debt collection agencies set plans in motion that involve our own federal police force?
More than 50% of Americans say they would take one punch from Mike Tyson if it would make their student loan go away.  That sounds a hell of a lot better than having the Marshals come after you….