BJ'S BLOG 02/23/16 "Ethical Bosses"

February 23, 2016

Listen up, Rock-A-Holics! This is an important business matter, and I want everyone’s attention!
A new Michigan State University study says that bosses yell at their employees because they’re moral and ethical…NOT because they’re being a jerk!
MSU researchers believe that it drains a lot of mental energy to follow the rules, and this severely limits a person’s capacity for self-control. Tell me about it! This is the OBVIOUS explanation for my rather…energetic…leadership style.
I have zero tolerance for people who don’t deliver what they promise, or don’t play by the rules, or have ethical issues in general. It’s clear to me now: I’m SUCH a morally upright person that I’m constantly stressed out by the weakness of others, and THAT causes me to lose my cool. So, the next time you hear some story about what a mean boss I am…just remember that I’m mean because I’m TOO GOOD.
It’s a burden, ladies and gentlemen…but I carry it for you. Please, no applause! Your happiness is reward enough for me.