BJ'S BLOG 03/29/16 "A Very Windy Day"

March 29, 2016

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but in this case, it was a very windy day. Hello everyone this is The Prodigy! Starting today, March 30th, I will be taking over BJ's blog. Yes that’s right. Now, not only will you hear crazy stories, opinions and rules that make up BJ Shea, but you will also get to hear from the son of the devil’s advocate as I will be sharing my opinion which almost always differs from my dad’s.
Which brings me to our first topic: "Cyclists". It’s not a secret that BJ hates driving, especially in the rain…but throw in a person on a bike into the mix, and we've got Perfect Storm 2 on our hands with BJ playing the lead role. Whether it’s their lack of awareness, disregard for the bike lane, or simply the fact that people can even stand to bike in the rain, BJ simple can’t stand bikers.
Me personally, give the people a break. I mean sure, I won't be biking on a rainy day to work with those crazy Seattle drivers all around me, but hey what do I know, I've got my dad as an example. I've only seen him on a bike at the beach, and that lasted about 5 minutes until we reached an ice cream stand. No wonder I love ice-cream more than I like biking.
With more people biking, that means less people driving, and everyone hates traffic. I think even BJ can agree with that.
Either way, I say let the people bike if they want to bike. BJ wants them all off the road. What do you think? Can you handle driving with bikers on the road?​