BJ'S Blog by his son... 03/31/16 "An Apple a Day"

March 31, 2016

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, unless your name is BJ Shea. During Listeners on the Loose yesterday, a caller mentioned how he found it ironic that he could get better customer service at a marijuana store than at a doctor’s office.


Gasoline, meet fire. It’s no secret that BJ is a stickler for good customer service and the doctor’s office is no exception. BJ has had many trips to several different doctors and often talks about the lack of empathy that doctors can develop after intense amounts of schooling and brutal work hours. But to him, this is no excuse. If you going to tell BJ he's sick, you better have a 10 step program to get him better that a five year old could understand. Otherwise, he'll never leave your office.


Unfortunately, today I have to agree with BJ. The few times I've been to the doctor it has been brutal. Long wait times, cold rooms, and a lack of information tended to leave me feeling....well sick. Not to mention one doctor telling me to take 15 pain relievers a day to deal with my sore throat (really bad advice).


On the other hand, going to the marijuana store is very enjoyable. Now imagine if we could combine the two. You walk into your local doctor’s office, they sit you down and offer a variety of nice herb to help relax you and pass the time while waiting for your doctor. Problem Solved! Ok maybe not, but I'll try anything to change how much doctors’ office sucks.


Do you have any crazy medical stories? How do you handle doctor visits?​