Sulley Erna From Godsmack

BJ & Migs Interviews

June 12, 2018

Earlier today, we had the pleasure of chatting with Sulley Erna from Godsmack again and it was a blast! 


We talked about what music is his go-to and the gym or in general and he revealed that he doesn't gravitate to rock, but more hip-hop/urband for his boxing works outs. 


He also revealed that if he had to do a drum battle, he would love to go up against Neil Peart or John Bonham (even though he is no longer with us) since he admires both of them.  


You're not going to want to miss out on the Shinedown & Godsmack show which will be at the Angel of the Winds Arena on October 10th 2018! Get your tickets here! 


Also, their new album "When Legends Rise" is out now! 




Check out their newest music video for their new song "Bulletproof":


Catch the full interview here: