Worn out but worth it at CES 2018

January 9, 2018

Hey guys, it's BJ!

I'm so worn out from CES 2018, walking from place to place and then zig-zagging all over the convention halls once we got to our destination, it was pretty brutal.

Even though it took a lot out of me, it was all worth it for all the cool stuff we got to see and do!

This was my first time experiencing CES and I was really impressed with a lot of the "little guys" that we saw.  One of the convention halls was called Eureka Park and it was a huge collection of startups and Kickstarter projects on display and being demonstrated by the people who made them.  We were able to get interviews and engage with these hyper-intelligent folks on a level that we just couldn't get from the bigger companies, and it was a real eye-opener.

The hall was even sub-divided into smaller areas that were designed to showcase innovation from a particular part of the world: France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Israel, and more each had their own section of the convention floor and it was really amazing to see which types of technology were being produced in each part of the world, it was a real celebration of nationalism and diversity.  Interacting with these genius innovators who are already smarter than me, just for being able to speak multiple languanges, then having them explain how they are using cutting-edge tech to reshape the world was indescribable.

That's the news for now, stay tuned for more of my report from CES 2018!