That Time Eddie Money Showed Up at a KISW Party on Shilshole

September 17, 2019

Beth Braun


Eddie Money had several songs on the soundtrack of my youth and early years at KISW.  I know I’m not alone. Though his health issues were no secret, the news of Eddie’s passing on September 13 wasn’t any easier to process.

Social media overflowed with messages and memories, showcasing Eddie’s icon and great guy status.  A police officer, turned Rock Star had a long-standing relationship with KISW way before Facebook and Instagram so imagine my delight to see this post from a former member of KISW’s promotion department.

I started a FB chat with several co-workers from back in the day to see if we could merge our foggy analog memories and piece together this special moment with “The Money Man”.  Spinnakers at Shilshole was the location for KISW’s Seafair party. The year was 1990.   
I’ll let KISW alum and (now) Executive Producer at Seafair, Michael McMorrow take it from here:  “The YardDogs had played a couple KISW parties and were invited to play this Seafair party. Eddie was never scheduled to perform but was there at the party by himself, his wife may have been with him too. He (Eddie Money) liked the band and on a break asked if we'd like to do “Two Tickets to Paradise” with him.” 

Beth Braun

Michael continues, “We went through the chord changes in a back room with him then went out and surprised everyone with Eddie sitting in! KISW was broadcasting live so we went live with it on air! Great smoking version and everybody went nuts!”   

Beth Braun

As we reflect on the magnitude of Eddie Money’s iconic place in Rock N Roll history and the loss in his passing  - may we find some comfort in the memories we have and share.  Gratitude to KISW alum Beth Braun for the photos and Michael McMorrow (@MichaelMcMorrow) for the play by play in sharing this treasured moment in KISW's history.   The amazing thing about Seattle and KISW's family - once a story is shared, it's amazing what surfaces!

--The Late Cathy Faulkner, filling in for Taryn Daly 6-10p Weeknights on The Rock.