Thank You Rockaholics from Cathy Faulkner

December 30, 2019
Cathy and Taryn

This past summer, as Taryn was getting closer to her Rock Mama milestone, we tossed around the idea of my return to nights on KISW during her maternity leave.  It was easy to say yes to support Taryn (a Rock n’ Roll bad ass) and her new family.  It was exciting to enter the hallways again on a more regular basis – and get to know KISW’s amazing staff …and listeners… as only the day to day can allow.  

During my time at KISW (81-2000), I have worked with many of the radio greats who ventured in and out of our studios as well as the bands that created the musical soundtrack that make all this possible, not to mention the world renowned music scene in our own backyard.  Without a doubt, the current crew at KISW is an amazing family of incredibly dedicated, creative and wonderfully warped souls that blaze the radio torch that is “The Rock”.  It’s no wonder you voted KISW” Best Radio Station.

The BJ&Migs crew, Castle, Mens Room, Metal Shop, Jeetz, Sgt Hairclub and the crew backstage that keeps us rockin 24/7/365!  
And you…Rock-A-Holics!   You are amazing, dedicated and passionate about your music!  Grateful for the amazing Rock N’ Roll welcome these last few months.  I hope to check in from time to time… who knows where I might pop up?!

Congratulations to Taryn & Brad – and welcome to the Rock world baby Barrett!  
Taryn is a force at “The Rock” and we are all excited for her return to nights starting Monday Jan 6th.  

“The Late” Cathy Faulkner      (fb: @latecathyfaulkner ; insta: @mecathyfaulkner; twitter @cathyfaulkner)

Cathy and RC at Alice in Chains

Cathy on Metal Shop

Cathy, Taryn

Cathy, Taryn, Robin - Live Day