May 24, 2017

Check out this awesome tribute Bush paid to the late Chris Cornell last week.

1992 in London, England is when and where Bush was born. Can NOT wait to see them live for the first time this Tuesday, May 30th at Showbox SoDo!  Get your tickets HERE, and PLEASE be sure to find me and say hello!  Bush fans unite!  (Plus, I need friends.) 

As a chick who graduated high school in 1996, you can imagine how big of a Bush fan I am.  Their debut album, Sixteen Stone released in 1994, shortly before public Internet entered our world.  That damn album was PACKED with insanely awesome songs that are still timeless today!  Not to mention, introducing us to an entire new sound!  "Everything Zen", "Comedown", Machinehead" and my favorite, "Glycerine".  When was the last time you actually watched the video?  Here, this will take you back. 

I can't listen to a single song off of that incredible album without picturing my high school days.  In 1994, I briefly dated a boy named Darin, and he drove one of those teal-green Chevy Berettas.  Remember how hot teal was back then?!  Anyways, he was OBSESSED with Bush's Sixteen Stone album.  He would make me cruise Main Street with him, and that's all he would play.  That's really the only thing I remember about him.  That's what music does for us, though.  It changes the way we remember life.

Bush has since release 7 more studio albums. Razorblade Suitcase (1996), The Science of Things (1999), Golden State​ (2001) They took about 8 years off, then came back with The Sea of Memories​ (2011), Man on the Run (2014) and most recent is Black and White Rainbows​ (2017).

If you aren't familiar with their latest album, I always suggest giving it some sweet lovin' before the show.  Of course, they will be playing their well known songs, but they are, in fact touring in support of Black and White Rainbows.  This way you can sing along to the new stuff, too!  

When you hear this song, "Mad Love", make SURE to make a move on your date.  If you don't have a date, maybe try making a move on some hottie you see.  Not saying it will go well, but screw it.  (It's not like we're immortal.)  You're better for trying.  GET SOME!

I will shamelessly admit, that I still have a huge crush on Gavin Rossdale.  (I'm sure I'm not alone on that one.)  It will be a healthy release to drool a bit.  I'm hoping that I will have a date this Tuesday, but I'm sure he'll understand if I need to wipe my mouth here and there.  I'll close with one of my favorites, "The Chemicals Between Us" off of their 1999 album, The Science of Things.  If they play this live on Tuesday, I might piddle a bit.  Wow, drool and piddle (hence why I said i was HOPING I'd have a date).  But, please do come find me!!  I'll be easy to spot with all the drool and piddle.  Which song are you hoping to hear???  Hope to see you, and much love!! -  C.C.

Turn this one UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!