ROCK BLOG: Happy 74th Birthday, Mick Jagger!

July 26, 2017


74-years-old, and bad ass as ever.  Entertaining the world for 56 years.  Mick Jagger, we salute you.  I found this quick compilation of a few interview clips with Mick.  Watch for the clip where he is asked if he could see himself still doing what he's doing at age 60.  Screw 60... how about 74!!

How do you write about someone as iconic as Mick Jagger?  He is the singer and founding member of the biggest rock band in the world!  I will say what I remember growing up.  It was the early 80's, and MTV was booming.  My brother, Travis and I would watch videos upon videos; The Rolling Stones being one of them.  I remember liking the way the man with the big mouth danced.  (I was only 5 or 6-years-old.)  The Rolling Stones sculpted my life by providing some of the first music I ever heard, just like they have done for millions of people, including you!  I feel it's only appropriate to showcase Mick Jagger and David Bowie's dance moves for this special day.  

The video below to "She's So Cold" was made in 1980, one year before MTV was a thing.  It was cheaply made and used for promotional purposes.  They were ahead of their time by making a music video back then.  LOVE this video!

The Rolling Stones kick off their European tour STONES - NO FILTER  this September through October.  They released their 25th American studio album in 2016, titled Blue & Lonesome​.

I want to keep this blog short.  Not because there isn't anything to say about Mick Jagger... exactly the contrary!  I want you to chime up your own memories of how this ONE man has influenced your life.  Simply incredible.  Mick Jagger, we love you, and Happy Birthday!! 

- C.C.