ROCK BLOG: Jon Bon Jovi turns 55!

March 2, 2017



That's right!  John Francis Bongiovi, Jr., otherwise known as Jon Bon Jovi turned 55-years-old today.  Whether you are a lover or disliker of Jon, I doubt there's anyone, anywhere that hasn't heard of his name.  Not to mention...he's still SEXY as hell!!

Jon Bon Jovi has made a name for himself mostly through his band, Bon Jovi, which he founded and formed in 1983.  To date, Jon has released 13 studio albums with Bon Jovi, and 2 solo albums, totaling a worldwide sale of over 130 million albums!  He was inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2009.  He has also dabbled in acting over the years.  

Bon Jovi's latest album was released last November, titled, This House is not for sale.  It was their first album without guitarist, Richie Sambora.

Diggin' the 1986 hair from his early work with Bon Jovi.  

For me, I really began my crush on Jon Bon Jovi in 1990.  He released a solo single for the movie, Young Guns II, called "Blaze of Glory".  You might remember it.

So epic with the cliffs all around them.  That was filmed in Utah desert.  I was obsessed with Emilio Estevez back then as well, so Young Guns II was a major treat.  Jon Bon Jovi had a very brief role in the film, which wasn't even credited.  I remember my choir teacher in Jr. High picked "Blaze of Glory" for us to recite for a concert.  I look back now and realize she had damn good taste, but we most likely dismembered a great song with our pubescent voices. 

I get it.  Jon is a happily married man of 27 years, but that doesn't mean one can't gawk still.  Sorry, I was watching this video of one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs.  

What's your favorite song with Jon Bon Jovi behind the microphone?  "Wanted Dead Or Alive" is a very popular Bon Jovi Song from 1987.  A couple lines of the lyrics are as follows:  "I've seen a million faces.  And I've rocked them all."  Our own Ryan Castle and Thrill took this line to heart and did some mathematics.


Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi!  34 years and still rockin' it!  Much Love!

- C.C.