ROCK BLOG: Kenny Wayne Shepherd turns 40

June 12, 2017

Stephanie Savoia

Stephanie Savoia

Born on June 12, 1977 makes Louisiana native guitarist/vocalist, Kenny Wayne Shepherd 40-years-old today!  With his 8th studio album titled Lay It On Down releasing next month, Kenny is constantly changing up his sound.  He is known to fuse blues with rock.  He claims that Lay It On Down is a mixture of several different genres, with the goal of presenting a fresh/contemporary sound for this album.  His previous record (2014's Goin' Home) was more traditional blues.  See what you think!

Kenny is a self-taught guitarist.  He discovered his dad's music collection at an early age, and would rewind tapes learning note by note on a cheap Yamaha guitar.  You might be most familiar with the 1998 album Trouble Is..... Kenny wasn't singing at that point yet.  Lead vocals to "Blue on Black" are by Noah Hunt.

You might have seen Kenny Wayne Shepherd perform as part of the Experience Hendrix Tour last February at the Paramount Theatre.  This was the best footage I could scrounge up from that KICK ASS show.  

As far as Kenny's personal life goes, he's been married to Hanna Gibson since 2006.  Hanna is Mel Gibson's first daughter.  She is a big time makeup artist for the film industry.  They have 3 kids together.  It's always a surprise to see what sound Kenny will come out with next.  Keep rockin' it, man.  Happy 40th!​

- C.C.