ROCK BLOG: Killswitch Engage @ Showbox SoDo Tuesday!

April 24, 2017

Mike Savoia

I can't complain at all about this Monday morning. I spent it watching Killswitch Engage videos on YouTube and digging around for obscure video interviews with the band to get a better feel about who they are as humans, versus boring fact by fact pages that strip all personality. I was already a major supporter, but now I have even more mad respect. 

Killswitch Engage will be playing Showbox SoDo Tuesday night (April 25th) with Anthrax. The tour has been called "Killthrax" by some.  This show is a no-brainer, so get your tickets HERE.  The two bands together were too much awesomeness to combine into one blog, so I flipped a coin. Anthrax is definitely on my to-do blog list, though.

Off their latest album, Incarnate, here's the video to "Hate By Design".  As you watch this, keep in mind that lead singer, Jesse Leach says he cannot write and perform material that isn't an actual part of who he is. Their performances are 100% genuine, RAW and from the gut.

Adam Dutkiewica, guitarist (amongst many other hats) says that all 5 band members write the music for Killswitch Engage. He says each member keeps recording equipment at their homes.  They work alone with ideas then bring those ideas to the other members and see what gets created collaboratively. 

I really dig these guys, and I'm a picky person, as I'm sure you can relate when it comes to people's personalities.  What I like most is they are straightforward.  It's easy to spot bulls**t, and these guys don't bulls**t.  Also, they are very funny!  A quality you don't much see in members of a metal band.  Learning about vocalist, Jesse Leach, he is extremely open about his struggles with depression and anxiety.  He has come a long way since the beginning days of Killswitch Engage.  He admits he used to be horrible, and in a very bad place, without going into too much detail.  I give props to his openess about his struggle.  We ALL have demons.  He's not trying to save the world, and says he's only doing his thing.  Although, his raw openess in my opinion, allows others in similar situations to perhaps find comfort, and possibly a glimmer of hope.  That right there is worth SO much, even if it's unitentional.  

"Strength Of The Mind", also off Incarnate touches on his struggle.  The guys hope that you internalize it to whatever you need it to be, though.  

The band has gone through some member changes over the years, but feel revived and in a very good place with their dynamic.  May 21st will mark the 15th anniversary of their 2002 landmark album, Alive Or Just Breathing​.  Check out this gem from that album.


I as I finish listening to the entire Killswitch Engage album, Incarnate on this Monday morning, I feel lucky.  Lucky that these 5 guys were dedicated and honest enough to share part of their innermost thoughts with me...a stranger.  The album MUST be listened to as a whole to get the full experience. That experience being whatever you take away from it.  Man, this show is going to be INSANE!!  Don't forget that you are a f**king masterpiece!  Much love!  I'll end with one of my favorites off of Incarnate.

- C.C.