ROCK BLOG: Learn a few cool things about Stone Sour before Pain in the Grass this Saturday!

June 19, 2017

What I dig about Stone Sour is how with every new album, they release a single that is geared more towards radio, but also incorporate an "in your face" heavy track that is used more for live performances.  They truly know how to bring these two worlds together on all of their albums!  Thus goes for their 6th studio album, Hydrograd releasing June 30th (which is also my Birthday)!  A lot of you may wonder "What the hell is Hydrograd?".  I remember asking Ryan Castle if it was supposed to be pronounced "Hydrograde" before I said it on-air.  Nope, it's Hydrograd!  I'll explain the meaning behind it next.  First, check out what I mean by how Stone Sour incorporates the best of 2 worlds!  Start with their single, "Song #3" from Hydrograd.

"Song #3" is geared more towards radio.  Now, "Fabuless", also from Hydrograd is more for live performaces, which you can witness this Saturday at White River Amphitheatre at Pain In The Grass!  Before I forget, get your tickets HERE!!!  Okay...what's cool about this video to "Fabuless", is that Stone Sour actually had the video idea for 7 years before the right song came along to use it in.  It's a killer, hilarious video!  

Now, back to what in the hell "Hydrograd" means.  According to Stone Sour singer/songwriter, Corey Taylor, it means...absolutely nothing!  6 years ago, Corey was frantically running through an Eastern European airport looking for his gate.  The aiport technology was way behind, and the computer screens looked like they hadn't been upgraded in years.  As he was racing by one of the screens, he randomly got a glimpse of the word, "hydrograd".  For some odd reason it caught his attention, so he actually stopped to back up and see what the word was all about, but it never showed up again on the scrolling screen.  He used it as a song title, then decided it should be the album title as well.  Corey says the mysterious word "Hydrograd" just fit the sound of their new album, and that maybe some words don't always have to have a meaning.  

I think it's awesome that Stone Sour are from Des Moines, IA.  Being born and raised in the Midwest myself (Nebraska), there's a certain level of camaraderie for other Midwesterners.  I'm sure you relate if you're a center state native as well.  We are in for a major rock treat this Saturday at Pain In The Grass.  These guys BRING it, and they are super humble, too!  They believe in working their asses off, and don't expect that just because they make a new album, people will automatically show up.  They go the extra mile because they honestly love making music.

Hope to see you this Saturday!!  I'll end with this goodie.  It's just for YOU!!  Much love! - C.C.