ROCK BLOG: Radkey @ Pain in the Grass 2017!

April 20, 2017

Mike Savoia

Get your tickets HERE to experience Radkey at Pain in the Grass 2017 on June 24th at White River Amphitheatre.  If you're not familiar with them, by all means read on.  Their story is fantastic... and it's only beginning!! 

Three brothers from St. Joseph, Missouri, all two years apart and barely in their 20's make up Radkey.  Their debut album titled, Dark Black Makeup was re-released last November with two bonus tracks newly titled, Delicious Rock Noise.  The guys felt there was a lot of life left in the album, and decided to re-release it under a different label, and boy has it paid off!  Check out their video for "Dark Black Makeup".  


Isaiah, Solomon and Dee Radke formed Radkey in 2010.  Their father was their original tour manager.  He would drive his sons around in a van, and they would play anywhere that would let them play.  The three brothers were home-schooled.  They became inspired to start a band by watching the movie, 'School of Rock'.  Their father had albums of Led Zeppelin and Ramones that were also featured in the movie, inspiring their unique punk rock sound.  Weezer has been, and is still their main influence.    


The brothers admit that they all get along, stay away from politics and smoke a lot of weed.  I just returned from a trip to the coast where I loaded up on salt-water taffy.  I must admit their song, "Romance Dawn" pairs well with a sugar binge.

These guys are at the beginning of a major uprise.  I'm going to throw this out there and say that we will have many more years of Radkey to look forward to.  I really like their philosophy on keeping things simple and working hard.  They are proof that anything is possible, no matter what your age is, or where you come from.  ​Never forget that you are incredible!  Much Love!

- C.C.