ROCK BLOG: Royal Blood at The Showbox Wednesday

August 6, 2017


Do you ever create something because you just enjoy doing it?  Perhaps you like cooking or painting, etc.  You do it because it feels good and it's true to who you are.  Never intending to write a full album when they started playing music together in 2013, Mike Kerr (lead vocals/bass guitar) and Ben Thatcher (drummer) of Royal Blood released their 2nd studio album in June.  The English duo had no expectations, but to write good songs that were real to themselves and hopefully relatable for others.  Releasing a couple of singles and an EP, they went ahead and took the plunge, releasing  Royal Blood in 2014, then How Did We Get So Dark? this past June.  Will they ever consider adding a 3rd member?  

Mike and Ben state that How Did We Get So Dark? is much more progressive than Royal Blood, in that they had no direction when making the first album.  The only reason they made two albums with only the two of them, is simply because they thought it sounded better that way.  They want to keep progressing, so they aren’t opposed to the idea of adding a 3rd member, but aren’t actively seeking that option at the moment.  To them, it’s not about how many people are in the band, it’s only about creating good songs.   Yes, this sound is from two people!  Check it out for yourself.  From How Did We Get So Dark?, here’s “Lights Out” live a couple months ago on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  They sound INCREDIBLE live!

The duo fantasizes about what it would sound like playing live in front of people when they are writing new material.  They don’t necessarily write songs just to have that song on an album.  Their buzz is being on stage, which is good for you!  Royal Blood will be here all the way from England at The Showbox this Wednesday, August 9th!  The show is SOLD-OUT, so hopefully you got tickets!  Let's give Mike and Ben some big LOVE from Seattle this Wednesday, baby!  

I'm a bit jealous, because Ryan Castle hung out with them after their show a few years back at Key Arena.  Apparently, they got drunk on tequila and chased actual puppies around backstage.  You know...the normal stuff you do after an arena show.   

Much love!!!! - C.C.