ROCK BLOG: Udo Dirkschneider - Metal God - Wednesday @ El Corazon!

January 16, 2017

At only 17, German heavy metal singer, Udo Dirkschneider began his music career.  Now, 64-years-old and 47 years later, he has no plans of retiring any time soon.  His rise to fame came from his years as the frontman for the heavy metal band Accept, where he left in 1987 to form his current band, U.D.O.   U.D.O. have temporarily re-named themselves, Udo Dirkschneider  for their "Farewell To Accept" Tour in full swing right now.  

"Let’s say it this way, for me it’s now time to close the book."  That was Dirkschneider's reply when asked why he decided to do an Accept farewell tour now.  Udo Dirkschneider were only originally scheduled for 15 shows, but have kept going due to the positive response from fans.

Seattle is one of the lucky cities to be able to host their show!  Udo Dirkschnedier will be at El Corazon this Wednesday, January 18th!  Get your tickets HERE for a rare opportunity to see the Metal God perform!  As you will see in the video below, he's still gritty and bad ass as ever!!

U.D.O. have released 15 studio albums since 1987, with Decadent  being their most recent, released in January of 2015.


U.D.O. already has plans through 2019.  Udo Dirkschneider says he hopes to continue performing for another 10 years at least.  When asked what got him into Metal, he replied, "I can't really explain this.  I feel this kind of music comes from the inside; you just have it in your body.  I started with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and then started listening to Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple and stuff like that.  It was not the plan to become the professional musician.  In a way I am lucky, as my hobby turned into a professional thing."

I must admit, I am only at the beginning stages of learning about the Metal world.  Much of which, I give credit to our very own Metal Shop guys here at KISW.  I do a show right after theirs early Sunday mornings, so I listen while I prep.  It's been insanely rewarding to learn more about this genre of music, and how DIE HARD the fans are, just like the bands!  Let's give Udo Dirkschneider the respect he deserves this Wednesday!  He has paved the path for MANY Metal bands!  Duh.

- C.C.