Rock Blog: Welcome Home, Candlebox!

November 16, 2016

Candlebox will be home to play a SOLD OUT show at The Neptune Theatre tomorrow. Their tour, Disappearing In Airports, is in full swing, with stops afterwards in Portland, L.A., the U.K. and finally Germany!  With two new band members, Mike Leslie and Brian Quinn, the band is kicking ass harder than ever!  


One of their righteous new songs,"Vexatious"!


As for me, I was hooked on Candlebox when I first heard "You" and "Far Behind" off of their self-titled album, Candlebox, back in 1993.  That very beginning guitar riff on "Far Behind" would do it every time.  I went to high school in the 90's, when we used to rush to record stores to buy new albums on CD.  I remember jumping in my '76 crap-brown Nova and hightailing it (on a Learner's Permit Driver's License) to the the nearest town that had a record store, which was Norfolk, NE.  Music was what we lived for back then, and Candlebox blew us all away from the get-go, as they still are 26 years later!


Ahhhh...that damn kick ass guitar riff...


Although, Candlebox has been shoved into a genre known as "Post Grunge" they are truly way beyond that label.  They break barriers constantly with their insane sound, energy and presence.  


Check out Taryn Daly's interview with front man, Kevin Martin!! 


Let's welcome these boys home properly!!  HELL YES!!!  Rock on, Candlebox!!