Mike Savoia

Our Favorite Chris Cornell Moments at KISW

July 20, 2018

Today (Friday July 20th) would have been Chris Cornell's 54th birthday.  I thought rather than rehashing the same heartbreaking story of his untimely passing I would find some great moments we had with Chris here at KISW over the years and share those instead.  Chris and KISW have a long, rich history.  A lot of those moments are lost to time, but I still have a bunch of them including the performance Chris and Ben did for a handful of lucky Rockahoilics at the Aston Manor in Sodo back in 2013. I've posted all of it below. Big thanks to our fiend Mike Savoia doing such an amazing job documenting this stuff over the years. 

One of my favorites, of course, is when Chris came in a few years ago to sit in on the Mens Room.  No agenda. Nothing to promote. I just got a phone call one day.  If I remember correctly he was in town working on Soundgarden's  King Animal album.

Here's the Aston Manor performance. 

There was the time Steve Migs and Chris talked tattoos, Higher Truth, Soundgarden etc backstage at Benaroyal Hall.  Go here for the whole interview. 

Here's a really lovely tribute Mike put together featuring the pics he's taken of Chris.

Technically not a KISW thing, but a great moment nonetheless was when Soundgarden played at the Showbox back in 2010 as the NudeDragons.  First time I'd seen them since Lolapalooza in 1996.  Plus, dude it's Soundgarden at the Showbox..  

Happy birthday Chris.

- RC

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