Concert Blog: Michael Schenker Fest in Seattle Blow's Away All Expectations!

Michael Schenker Fest was plain amazing!

March 25, 2018

Michael Schenker Fest - Neptune Theatre - Seattle, WA 3.23.18
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All I can say to start this show blog review is WOW! Michael Schenker Fest blew away all my expectations and more. No wonder this show sold out so quickly once word got out what exactly this Fest was. Basically Michael Schenker came up with the idea in the studio to reunite the three original MSG singers to record an album all together. "Resurrection" album on Nuclear Blast Records was born and released March 2, 2018, 12 brand new studio tracks featuring Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet & Robin Mcauley (MSG vocals), plus Doogie White (Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock vocalist) with past band members Chris Glen (Bass), Ted McKenna (Drums), & Steve Mann (Guitar/Keys). Check out the four album trailers and cool lyric video for "Heart & Soul". {Trailer #1} {Trailer #2} {Trailers #3} {Trailer #4}. 

 Now with that recording studio recording success why not bring it on the road to the masses and give the fans an experience they'll never forget? Well he did and it's mindboggling to even image ANY rock band in history with multiple singers asked to get together record and tour together without some insane ego turmoil. Not these guys! Vocalist Barden, Bonnet, Mcauley and White were all for it! Something I've never really seen ever except for Manowar's one-off European show featuring all past members. Michael Schenker Fest live featured nearly 3 hours (thank goodness no openers) of the greatest MSG, McAuley-Schenker Group, Temple of Rock and many UFO classics and even a Scorpions tune! 
 Here's the setlist: 

1) Into the Arena (Michael Schenker Group song)
2) Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Michael Schenker Group song)
3) Cry for the Nations (Michael Schenker Group song)
4) Attack of the Mad Axeman (Michael Schenker Group song)
5) Messin' Around (Michael Schenker Fest song)
6) Armed and Ready (Michael Schenker Group song)
7) Coast to Coast (Scorpions song)
8) Desert Song (Michael Schenker Group song)
9) Dancer (Michael Schenker Group song)
10) Night Moods (Michael Schenker Fest song)
11) Searching for a Reason (Michael Schenker Group song)
12) Assault Attack (Michael Schenker Group song)
13) Captain Nemo (Michael Schenker Group song)
14) Bad Boys (McAuley-Schenker Group song)
15) Save Yourself (McAuley-Schenker Group song)
16) Anytime (McAuley-Schenker Group song)
17) Heart and Soul (Michael Schenker Fest song)
18) Love Is Not a Game (McAuley-Schenker Group song)
19) Searching for Freedom (Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock cover)
20) Live and Let Live (Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock cover)
21) Vigilante Man (Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock cover)
22) Lord of the Lost and Lonely (Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock cover)
23) Take Me to the Church (Michael Schenker Fest song)
24) Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock cover) 
25) Warrior (Michael Schenker Fest song)
26) Rock Bottom (UFO song)

27) Doctor Doctor (UFO song)
28) Shoot Shoot (UFO song)
29) Natural Thing (UFO song)
2) Lights Out (UFO song)

 I've been shooting Schenker shows for the past eight years (many full show shoots like this show) but what I really noticed for the first time in all that time is he smiled and talked more at any show I've ever seen of him. Even a guy next to me said "I've never heard Schenker speak before" so it shows ya he's in a great place right now in his career and this fantastic "Fest" idea for the fans! With a few shows left on this tour hope you were one of the lucky fans that experienced this once in a lifetime event tour! Check out my "Live" Facebook video of "Rock Bottom" from the show HERE. The fans were definitely vocal in their excitement! Stay update with Schenker at: and check out my full photo album from show HERE