Cooling Off

Joey Deez Blog

July 27, 2018


Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to Friday! Summer has officially kicked into full gear and the weather is keeping up as it seems like it’s going to stay 85 forever. That’s why now more than ever we need every idea you can think to stay cool! Personally my favorite why to stay cool in hot weather is to grab a huge scoop of ice-cream….or two…OK maybe three. I’m not going to say that I use hot weather as an excuse to eat ice-cream every day, but I’m also not-not saying it. That’s why yesterday was particular awesome day because Cloud Nine Creamery brought in a ton of ice-cream to our station!!! Is 9:00am too early for ice-cream? I SAY NAY! Anytime can be ice-cream time. Check out all the awesome flavors that Cloud Nine Creamer has to offer in the video below as we find out just how cool we can get from a huge scoop of greatness!



My mouth is still drooling from all that frozen greatness! My favorite flavor had to be The Cheesecake. Combining my two favorite desserts together was an easy win. But a chilly treat is only one way to cool off on a hot day. Maybe you prefer a nice dip in a pool, or the refreshing blast from a frigid AC unit. I know I could use some more ways too cool off; the fan hasn’t been cutting it. That’s why I’m asking you, The Rock-A-Holics……


What are your favorite ways to “stay cool” during hot summer days? ​