5 (More) Songs for Halloween

Danny V. takes you though his song picks for Halloween!

October 26, 2017
Danny V. Pumpkin

While I agree with my co-hort who posted 10 songs for the season earlier. I decided to add four more, (and one repeat!) of the songs that get me in the mood . . . FOR HALLOWEEN! 

Halloween. My favorite holiday out of them all. I know in the rock community, a lot of you can say the same thing. There is just a synergy that works together with the rock lifestyle and this haunting season. 

So I figured why not put together a Halloween song essential blog to celebrate? Because what Halloween party wouldn’t be complete with out the tunes to bring the mood into such a morbidly great time. 

#5 - Beheaded by The Offspring

Alright, you already knew opening this email that I would find a way to incorporate The Offspring, but trust me. This isn’t just a fan girl moment for me. Take it back to 1999, I watched a horror comedy called “Idle Hands” and low and behold, there was my favorite band, playing a school dance. The movie is corny, funny, and gruesome, any horror fans know, you have to have a little of each in there to make it good. And The Offspring provide the best soundtrack, including their song Beheaded from their debut album. 

Just check out the song and scene below, and you will understand why this needs to be on your playlist. 

And here is the song . . .

#4 - Christmas Night of the Living Dead by MxPx

Technically, this one isn’t a “Halloween Song” per say, but it deserves a mention. Every year MxPx has put out a Christmas song of some sort. And back in 2007, they put together an album of all of them, including this one. Now come on, a NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD SONG! It can definitely, well liven up, your season. 

#3 - This is Halloween cover by Marilyn Manson

What better way to kick off your Halloween party with a song from the best movie ever . . . The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tim Burton’s story turned movie is a staple for the season, and it was quite obvious how many fellow rockers loved the movie too, when a cover album was released of a bunch of artists doing covers of Danny Elfman’s songs. 

The one that always stood out for me? This Is Halloween. I mean how much more iconic can you get right? And of course you have to have the “Antichrist Superstar” himself do it. Marilyn Manson kills it (no pun intended) in this song, and it is a must listen to. 

#2 - Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie 

If you don’t think of Rob Zombie when you think of Halloween . . . I question your choices in life. Honestly, he is the king of setting the mood for the season, directing movies such as House of 1000 Corpses, Devil’s Rejects, remaking the iconic Halloween and bringing Michael Myers back to life for the millennial generation. Not to mention his very macabre and morbid, yet fast music. 

Of course, my pick is Living Dead Girl. The video, the song, everything about it is iconic, and still sends shivers up my bones when it comes on. Crank it loud. 

#1 - Halloween by The Misfits

I had trouble picking between #2 and #1 honestly. While Rob Zombie for me reminds me of Halloween, The Misfits are the definition of Halloween, especially because of the song with the same namesake. The Misfits started the sound of morbid punk rock and roll, and I argue there is not a song that deserves the top spot more than this one. Devil’s Locks ready? And go!

So what do you think? What songs are on your playlist this creepy and ghastly season? Did I miss any? Of course I did. Let me know. And have a terrifying and hauntingly amazing Halloween. 

- Danny V.