5 Songs to Mourn Warped Tour

ROCK BLOG: Warped Is Ending, Here Are Some Songs for You

November 30, 2017
Warped Tour 2010

Alright, a couple of weeks ago, we got the news that the longest running punk rock summer camp was coming to an end. And all of the millennials of my generation were heart broken. 

It's a tour we grew up with, and now that they are doing away with the cross country tour aspect of Warped, a lot of us just don't know how to cope. 

Am I being over dramatic? Probably. But some of the best summer memories of my life are from Warped Tour. So I figured I would put together a play list of some Warped jams that will give you reason to be sad with me . . . and also rock out and get amped for the last summer of Warped. 

5.) Bad Religion - Generator

I mean, you think punk. You think Bad Religion. That is just how it goes. And they have had some pretty legit sets on Warped throughout the 24 year run. 

4.) Face to Face - You've Done Nothing

One of my favorite punk bands of all time, and I have Warped Tour for turning me on to them. I was a fresh faced 15 year old who only listened to pop punk, and I saw these guys perform, and went and bought a shirt and an album right after their set. 

3.) Sublime  - Full Set

Throwing it way back, it's hard to believe that Sublime was actually on Warped Tour. Yes, the original line up played the FIRST Warped Tour in 95. Other acts that graced the first stage? No Doubt, L7 and so many more. Who knew they were starting a revolution. 

2.) NOFX - The Brews

Once again, you can't think of punk, and not mention NOFX. Every time I see them, I feel like it is at a festival of some sort, and I go back to Warped where I first saw the legends that make up NOFX. Fat Mike made fun of the crowd, and a guy who was crowd surfing threw up on me. Hooray for Warped memories and new friends. 

1.) Blink 182 - Dammit

Not only did legends play, but many newer legends of my generation got their start on Warped. Blink 182, all teen faced and ready to rock, played one of the first Warped Tours, and 2 years later, blew up, reinvigorating the pop punk scene of the early 2000's. 

I will be back soon with more jams from Warped, because literally the list is never ending of what you should be listening to from Warped Tour over the years. 

- Danny V.