5 Songs to Get You Ready for the Area 51 Raid

Because Aliens Exist!

August 21, 2019

© Amy Newman/NorthJersey.com


As you may have heard, the "Raid Area 51" thing is not happening, in the original sense that it was supposed to at least. The event has turned into somewhat of a makeshift music festival. 

However, some people still want it to happen in the capacity the original Facebook event, which was designed to get a million people to "raid" the secret millitary base, in order to find out what is there and to "see dem aliens".

What ever goes down September 20th, I decided to put a list of songs together that should get any rocker hyped for either a music festival or the raid. So here you go: 

- Blink 182 - "Aliens Exist"

Whether you are a Blink fan or not, it's hard to debate that Tom Delonge is one of the pioneers of the extraterrestrial movement. So much so, they have a song called Aliens Exist. 

- "The Fight Song" - Pennywise 

Whatever goes down, you need to be ready for a fight right? Well here is the perfect song for you. Plus Manson kinda looks like an alien sometimes, so if you don't get to see actual aliens, at least you have this video. 

- "F Authority" - Pennywise 

Everything about the raid was illegal from the start. And not just a little illegal, but REALLY illegal. So if you go, chances are you are probably going to run into some kind of authority figure. And here is the perfect song for you. 

-"Breaking the Law" - Judas Priest

As previously mentioned, it is highly illegal to get anywhere in the vicinity of the gates of Area 51. So once again, just don't do it. But you would be Breaking the Law right? So here is a song all about that! 

- The Misfits - "I Turned Into A Martian"

You never know what secrets are lurking at Area 51. What if there are aliens waiting to probe you? Or what if there is nothing there, it's just a bunch of dirt and old airplane parts? Or what if there is a slim that will get on you, turn you into an alien and you get sent off to Mars? Well whatever happens, I am most hoping for the last one. Turning into an Alien would be so rad! And of course we have to play this legendary song by The Misfits! 

Well, whatever happens, I hope you find this playlist helpful for the drive down, or maybe a flight through space. Enjoy!

See you in the pit!

- Danny V.